Sen. Sonny Angara on the enactment of RA 11394 or the Mandatory Provision of Neutral Desks in Educational Institutions Act

Posted on: Wed, 08/28/2019 - 15:10 By: admin
Raising of left hand

Left-handed students have been waiting for this law for a long time already. Every day they are faced with an additional challenge in school of having to deal with armchairs that do not support their "uniqueness." 

Sa pamamagitan ng batas na ito, ang mga paaralan ay maoobliga na maglaan ng mga “neutral desks” sa bawat classroom. 

Mahigit-kumulang sampung porsyento ng population ay kaliwete at dahil ang karamihan ng mga gamit, kasama na dito ang mga desks sa paaralan, ay naka disenyo para sa mga right-handed, kailangan pa nila mag adjust dahil hindi naman sila sanay gumamit ng kanang kamay nila.

These neutral desks could be used by both left and right-handed students without any issue. The struggle of left-handed students is real. Many of them end up suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain when they force themselves to use the standard-issue desks. Studies have also shown that left-handed students tend to write slower when using right-handed desks, thus leaving them at a disadvantage during timed examinations.

This is now one less problem on the plate of left-handed students. We thank the President for signing this bill that we authored into law.


RA 11394, page 1

RA 11394, page 2