Sen. Angara on the passing of former Pres. Fidel V Ramos

Posted on: Mon, 08/01/2022 - 12:44 By: admin
The late President Ramos’ success in leveraging  a minority mandate into  major reform victories  shows the way on how  crucial  changes in governance  can be done.

He did it through  consultations, by listening, and by reaching out to all stakeholders, even to those who are not in his camp.

To channel good ideas to a forum where these can be discussed, he created with my late father (then Senate President Ed Angara) sounding boards like the Legislative  Executive Development Advisory Council or the LEDAC.

He was the leader “who cast a wide net in order to haul in great ideas.”

He used his expertise in the military in cobbling together many ragtag  units into one cohesive fighting force in building the same coalition when he became president.

He was so good in that. In 1995, he even assembled a senatorial slate that was considered a team of rivals.

FVR was a practitioner of  “big tent politics," while respecting the diversity in opinions.

Hindi nya sinupil ang opposition. Instead of curtailing  constructive criticisms, he cultivated it.  And he took action on complaints,  through handwritten orders to the concerned agencies.

Rest in peace, Mr. President!